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RT @3floyds: BLOG POST A Few Tips for a Successful Darklord Day: - This year’s event requires a ticket for entry. There will ... http:// ... 1 10 Apr 2012 - 7:06pm
RT @3floyds: Let's see if we can get #DLD trending like we did last year. 0 31 Mar 2011 - 2:04pm
RT @air_in_gee: Been meaning to say this for 17 months, Hope I'm not too late. @Sybris should be heard near and far. #justsayin #musical ... 0 31 Mar 2011 - 2:04pm
RT @BenjaminBlanch: @BenjaminBlanch @Sybris Seriously fo real (the best (organic) band) for the last 5 yrs, I cant wait untl new album r ... 0 19 Dec 2011 - 1:03pm
RT @BenjaminBlanch: @Sybris Sybris is my fav band. 0 19 Dec 2011 - 1:03pm
RT @benp78: The world could use a new @Sybris record. 0 19 Dec 2011 - 1:03pm
RT @BlowsLoud: I wanna go to the sybris 0 16 Jun 2012 - 12:03am
RT @Bobbistarr: Go read my blog post about Dungeons and Dragons. 1 10 Apr 2012 - 7:05pm
RT @colourrevolt: CHICAGO: Tix r now on sale for our co-headline show @Schubas w/ @Sybris April 1. We're told it may sell-out, act quick ... 0 28 Feb 2011 - 1:27pm
RT @colourrevolt: so damn excited to reunite w/ our friends @Sybris tonight at @Schubas. If you're in Chicago, don't miss out. 0 6 Apr 2011 - 6:18am
RT @CYMBLS_EAT_GTRS: I'd be fine with the new Radiohead album just being 'Let Down' 8 times in a row. 0 28 Feb 2011 - 1:27pm
RT @DarthSan: Belly Shack delay. Three Floyds just introduced me to a band called Sybris that rocks my lips off. 0 1 May 2011 - 10:00am
RT @davidchang: @AndrewOKnowlton @devrafirst recent fake allergies > duck, chicken, salt!, lamb no, milk but butter ok, west coast un ... 1 25 Oct 2012 - 2:40am
RT @Do312: 06/30 - @Sybris is playing @burlingtonbar w/ @bullyinhallway & #Bananakin - RSVP 4 a Hosted @PabstBlueRibbon Bar!! http:/ ... 0 16 Jun 2012 - 12:03am
RT @EatRoyalty_GooD: @TasteYas_Tweets THE SYBRIS BYTCH 0 16 Jun 2012 - 12:03am
RT @ebertchicago: The birthday of Krzysztof Kieslowski. Ten commandments, ten films: 0 27 Jun 2011 - 1:00pm
RT @EmmaDAmico: Mr Su just wrote up two students for kissing in the hallway because "this isn't the Sybris" #toofunny 0 19 Dec 2011 - 1:03pm
RT @EM__80: I liked shows so much better before every 16 year old had an android with video. I didn't pay to watch the show through you ... 0 16 Mar 2011 - 10:51am
RT @HarMarSuperstar: Until the show I'll be drinking Surly in my hotel room in the nude and making full use of this bathroom TV. 0 19 Dec 2011 - 1:03pm
RT @jillybean226: I'm still mad at myself for missing the David Bazan show at black cloud gallery this week, but im excited that my sche ... 0 6 Apr 2011 - 6:18am
RT @jillybean226: It's #DLD !!! off to @3floyds soon! Excited to see sweet cobra and @Sybris 0 30 Apr 2011 - 7:00am
RT @jillybean226: Woo!! Excited to go to @Schubas tonight to see @sybris with @wftdmatt and @MmmUnicorns :)) 0 6 Apr 2011 - 6:18am
RT @Knozgrul: i miss @Sybris & wish to see them live every single day of my life. that is all. 0 19 Jun 2011 - 7:00pm
RT @lloveshackbaby: Dark, dreary morning on the train ... perfect backdrop to @sybris Into The Trees. I never get sick of this one! 0 20 Jun 2011 - 5:00am
RT @maproomtavern: Sorry Brent... Surly Darkness and Piece Swingin