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For Sybris, only time will tell if this Chicago band in embraced or shunned for sounding like indie rock darlings Rilo Kiley. Angela Mullenhour is, after all, a dead-ringer for Jenny Lewis, although there's hints of Karen O and Björk. What keeps the band from being a clone is their sonic guitar and drums, which know when to be big and when to be quiet. Without a good listen before reading a bio that stretches to describe Sybris as "a fusion of art rock, 80s heavy metal, and folk," it'd be tough to figure out just where the band is on the musical map. If anything, Sybris is somewhere between post-rock and noise-pop, which makes sense when the mixer for the record also worked with Explosions in the Sky. When adding Mullenhours croon and ambiguous lyrics, the song arrangements put Sybris near the top of the current crop of indie rock. And when she sings lines such as "Your boyfriend's name is exotic," it's hard to resist her charm.

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