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La La Land is one of those great unsung records that just wont go away. The group’s anthemic art rock earned them notice from large press outlets (SPIN, BBC) and fan’s in high places such as My Morning Jacket and Spoon. La La Land expands the dense, spacey layers echoed on the band's previous album, Black & Endless Night, into a whole new psychedelic universe. Opening track “Majestic” finds the band channeling their inner Pink Floyd through delicate sound collages and soaring guitar riffs, held together with the mortar of the Ratterman/ Heustis rhythm section and christened with Carney’s vivid lyrics and uncanny form of delivery. The air swells like a swarm of 10,000 bees on “At Sea.” The thunderous pop of “The Doctor Will See You Now” unites the noble families of Led Zeppelin and Brian Eno through an unadulterated marriage of sound. The instrumental fury of “Avant Guardian Angel Dust” bends your mind into an aural oblivion while the warm, acoustic tingle of “Oh, Recklessness” recalls your coming of age.

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