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A devastating second album by Oakland's boys in black to fill your nights with desolation, loneliness and bitter laughter. The band has come a long way since It's Winter Here. They lost guitarist Sikwaya Condon to a promising minor league baseball career and brought on new guitarist/old friend Noah Blumberg to fill his shoes. Singer/guitarist Paul Gonzenbach and his partner moved out of their West Oakland house and bought a farm outside of Portland, OR. Guitarist (yes, there are three) Ian Connelly's brother nearly died in a motorcycle accident during the recording of the album. Loss, transition, struggle, movement, maturity. Music imitates life as these are all major themes in both the music and lyrics of the JYPU's new album Homemade Drugs. The band made a conscious decision to try and reflect these changes on the album. They found a sympathetic soul in engineer Scott Solter (The Court and Spark, Tarentel) who brilliantly blends the layers of guitars with the innovative rhythms of bassist Frankie Koeller and drummer Ryan Craven. Gone are the comparisons to Mogwai, Bedhead and Slint (though the discerning ear might still uncover traces of the Cure, Cat Power and Three Mile Pilot). The songs have shifted their feel from the guitar-wash fuzz crescendos of the first album to more of a crisp, cold-light-of-day sound with an unusual amount of intimacy in both the music and the words. The blend somehow comes out as heavy pop. The insanely catchy "Double Negative", the delicious hooks thinly covered in "Reckless Driving" and the plaintive buoyancy of "Distance" show tremendous growth. Gonzenbach's lyrics are as sardonic and jaded as ever. All in all, an incredible record.

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