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The only full length album from the San Francisco trio of Mary O'Neil, Brad Johnson (both ex-Wannabe Texans who released a great record on the Mekons' short-lived Snat label) & Greg Freeman (Pell Mell). The sound of the feeling you get with a full belly walking down Valencia Street on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the breeze giggling against your face as you relish in San Francisco's Indian Summer. The rhythm section is brought to you by Greg's bass and the strum-strumming of Mary's autoharp (no drums here). The texture comes via Brad's unique guitar styling (there's a screwdriver where the whammy bar would normally be). The melody, ah, the melody's dressed up in Mary's proud and pretty alto croon as she delivers tales of urban Americana. Guest vocals by Barbara Manning. Includes "Dumb as a Doll," "Secret Spy Planes" and "Johnny Depp." (AK002)

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