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Hey Folks,

We decided to kick off the summer by setting up special deals on catalog items we will be rolling out over the next few months. The limited time deals will be popping up every two weeks or so and will represent some of the best albums we have ever released at insanely good prices. Be sure to check back to see what’s on sale or follow us on Facebookand Twitter for regular updates!

First up, we are offering all three of the Eltro albums we released for only $15. During their career Eltro caught the attention of many musical taste makers, ranging from members of Gang of Four to Neil Young’s label, Vapor Records. The band was on a journey to fuse the electronic and organic sounds in this world, but sadly broke up shortly after the release of Past and Present Futurists. This is a great opportunity to see their evolution, all for what you would normally pay for just a taste. Offer ends June 15th.
Listen to "Niagra" off of Velodrome here.
You can pick up the combo pack right here.

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