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A couple of weeks ago we were happy to receive word from Little Teeth that they have begun recording their sophomore album which will be release by Absolutely Kosher sometime next year. The band has spent much of the last two and a half years since the release of their debut Child Bearing Man touring across the US and Europe, blasting through an exhaustive tour route that made all of us dog-tired just to think about. When we caught them last month in San Francisco the performance was nothing short of a spectacle – they created an atmosphere that removed everyone in the room from reality for the duration of the set. The new tracks sounded fantastic and showed an increased diversity and emotive level within the band. If they can even begin to capture their live shows’ power within the confines of the new album we are in for a real treat. And we have no doubt that that is exactly what they are on their way to achieving.

The band has been documenting the taxing process of committing the last few years of work to tape in a series of YouTube videos (the most recent of which can be viewed below). They are also trying to raise a bit of money via a Kickstarter campaign. They are over half way to their goal, and have some really wonderful incentives on the page including hand made T-shirts, art, special tapes, even locks of their own hair. Hell, they will even perform in their underwear for you for the right price. Be sure to help them out if you can.

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