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Windows NTBackup is an inbuilt command of MS Windows that creates a backup of files on to a storage media or drive of the system. The backup files have a proprietary bkf format. At times while taking backup some problems occur, leading to corruption of the backup file, which further results in problem during restoration from the bkf file. If the problem occurs with a backup on FAT file system, chances are that the size of the bkf file exceeds the size limit of FAT based file system. After a bkf file gets corrupted, it cannot be used to restore data. In such a case, the only way to bring back the file in a usable state is to use a powerful BKF repair software.

Picture a practical situation - You have created a bkf file on a drive with FAT file system, and you are trying to add more data to that file,Ugg Sale. But, suddenly the backup process halts and an error message appears that states:

"[Insert media]
The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device.
The backup operation will stop."

After this error message, you may not be able to either access the data or add more data onto the bkf file.


This error occurs because the maximum size limit of a FAT file system is low (only 4 GB for FAT 32) and when you exceed its size limit by adding more data into the bkf file, the backup process stops and the bkf file may end up getting corrupt. Consequently, you cannot use the bkf file to restore the data that was previously written onto the bkf file.


To avoid the problem, you should always try to create a bkf file on an NTFS based file system as it has been designed for large drives.

However, if the bkf file gets corrupted, then you can repair it using an efficient BKF repair software. The repair BKF file application employs instant and powerful scanning algorithms to scan and repair the damaged file quickly. The application restores the file at default or any user-specified location. Also, it does not overwrite the original contents and settings of the file,

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