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Original title: live donkey cry slaughter hotel in Yangpu District Governance pathway pupils at a hotel to take the business now kill the Ugg donkey.Yesterday, the Replica Rolex hotel before the live donkey brings in the passer-by.Morning paper reporter Zhang Xinyan figure post trainee reporter Zhang Shaojie Intern Xu Wenjuan “ I feel like median by sudden blow, an out-of-body experience, hanging in the air, looking at people cut ax chop.” writers Mo Yan in "life and death" in the description Christian louboutin replica of the kill ass scene, is Shanghai Street publicly staged.The day before the beginning of the Yangpu District, a hotel to attract business, but in front of the hotel killing ass, now kill now sell.Food Rolex replica watches swiss industry source said, the donkey without detection, presence of food safety problem.The street scenes of cruelty slaughter this company called &ldquo's family; ” hotel is located in Yangpu District government channel near the intersection of montenegro.This book helps restaurant boss in order to attract customers, come up with to donkey, is killed is selling idea.Yesterday afternoon, a group from the Shandong donkey is pulled at the door of the shop.In order to show fresh, one in front of the hotel, when passers-by were killed, donkey meat Cheap Christian louboutin were sent to the hotel kitchen cooking, immediately, in a catty 78 yuan price sells.A staff described the kill donkeys process, “ an ass in a blindfold, chef at horse head hammer and smashed it, it's lost, and then take a knife in its stomach ”.The donkey was killed, horsehead, meat, the spine is hanging in front of the shop on the railings.Because of the slaughter took Uggs sale place in the side of the road pavement, many rows per capita on the bloody scene shocked.Near the fruit shop owner said, kill ass scene is very cruel, “ horse head covered, I see a pool of blood, dare not see.” diagonally opposite the hotel is the six one Shanghai primary school, the day before yesterday kill donkeys, is to catch up with the time after school, many students by this scene was terrified, and even a timid child was scared.Hotel waiter, where donkey Ugg boots on sale Rolex replica also good business, “ one day, have sold half ass.” hotel sold donkey missing Christian louboutin replica quarantine permit Yangpu District Animal Health Authority said, according to the Replica Christian louboutin regulations, transported to the animal, need to have the Shanghai animal quarantine certificate.But the hotel Meng manager said, this group from Shandong to Jiangsu Zhangjiagang donkey, can only provide the quarantine certificate.Shanghai Meat Industry Association Replica watches Shen said “ never heard live donkey can obtain the Shanghai quarantine certificate, ” street now kill now sell a lack Replica watches Cheap wedding dresses of quarantine, meat without quality inspection, there may be a health hazard.Meng manager said, the relevant departments have been ordered to stop at the hotel street sidewalk kill donkeys, later will not in front of the store to slaughter, but to the hotel backyard.Even if the donkey can pass the quarantine, slaughter tache is also facing problems in.According to the regulations, privately rolex fake Rolex replica butcher is not allowed, the number of live donkey must be transported to the designated slaughter plant.But Ms Shen said, Shanghai only pork and beef and mutton slaughter Replica rolex submariner houses, “ there were no donkey meat slaughter site.” the hotel staff said, the scene kill ass really inappropriate, but also to ensure food fresh, “ in the market simply can not buy fresh donkey.” the reporter visited the Yangpu District several markets, many vendors said, Shanghai people do not eat meat wedding dresses 2012 habit, some people are now starting to wedding gowns eat fresh meat, cheap louboutin heels with spikes but markets are generally not available.Catering industry insiders, “ sell donkey Hotel City there were dozens of ”, generally from Shandong, Henan and other direct wholesale frozen donkey.However, the site does not Replica watches kill the ass, “ in many places in North Shanghai, have never even heard of it.