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are indebted to the ancient civilizations for a number of reasons. The age old science of Ayurveda has introduced us to the awe inspiring world of herbs and made us familiar with their many therapeutic properties jordan bred 4. The detoxification therapy as a method of modern alternative medicine greatly relies on the magical healing qualities of these herbs and herbal tea has become one of the strongest weapon in the hands of detox experts.

What is a daily detox tea?
Daily Detox Tea is a kind of caffeine-free drink that is prepared by combining a number of herbs that are well known all over the world for their cleansing properties Some of the herbs used in this tea are ginger root jordan 4 black cement 2012, dandelion root, burdock root, fenugreek seed, milk thistle and many more.

The characteristic features of detox tea
The detox tea is often mistaken as a kind of laxative. But in reality jordan 4 bred, this tea works as a mild diuretic by stimulating the functions of liver and kidney. Also contrary to the popular belief, this drink is all natural and completely caffeine-free.

How does it work?
The herbs that are used to prepare detox tea have a proven background of cleansing properties jordan 4 bred 2012. As for example, milk thistle is a classical liver detoxifier, ginger improves blood circulation, burdock roots promotes kidney functions jordan 4 black cement.

Now in the detox tea products, the herbs are blended in a way and in such a proportion that they boost up the detoxification mechanism of the entire body. Each constituting herb takes care of a particular organ and work for detoxing them and as result, our liver, kidneys, skin, blood and the lymph systems are detoxified.

The benefits
Urban living makes us exposed to a range of extremely harmful chemicals and pollutants. But this herbal detox may help you to overcome such disorders as digestive troubles, fatigue, headaches, sluggish body, obesity, damaged immunity, allergies, weakness and skin irruptions.

This detox tea also helps you to lose weight.
Once your body is cleansed, the detox organs of the body are all set to resume their designated functions. Various organs are now once again prepared to process foods correctly. The calories start to get used up by the body instead of getting deposited as fat.
The effect will be more enhanced as you back it up a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. It will also add up to your energy level.

Detox tea is without any significant side effects. After five to seven days, you may feel some withdrawal symptoms like mild headacheor fatigue. This is because your body is trying to get accustomed to the increased energy level of the body. Do not give it up, continue with the detox process; the symptoms will pass within a couple of days.
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