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Beats by Dr. blog officially announced partnership with HTC This is

Brand an incredible day for them and Monster Beats . Dre. We announce Ons partnership with HTC, a leading global manufacturer of wireless. With this announcement, to be connected S our two brands Kr Forces to define the new category of smart phones and to redefine the Fa One whose sound to h Ren is.
A people. Cat is officially out of the bag. The Beats by Dre Blog has officially launched its partnership with HTC, HTC requires official "announcement of the big s new" announced Thursday, but according to CEO Peter Chou has spilled the beans. Here's the skinny: Today
Last year, Beats By Dre UK . Dre, the helmet of a society to a cultural movement which developed the FA defined One whose sound to h Ren is. We have tried, music, gym-quality t in the H Ends make of you, our customers worldwide. This partnership with HTC is the n HIGHEST phase of our vision of PLA Ant was the gr-Run importance for the fans of smart phones, the M Opportunity to Ren h, The h HIGHEST sound quality Tm Possible. The Team Beats by Dr. Dre or Jimmy Iovine and led, will continue to standalone Manage ndig beats.
Beats By Dre Sale There is a lot of exciting news to come and we will continue to hold on to all the wonderful things that happen in the world beats nnte k. It is truly an incredible chapter beats and we are proud to have you with us. Let's go!