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PUTRAJAYA Canada goose Україна, Malaysia, Oct UGG® ботуши. 14 -- The "Eye in the Sky" air surveillance program, tailored to combat pirate activities, can reduce the number of such activities by 75 percent in the Malacca Strait, Malaysian Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Thursday Christian Louboutin Bridal obuwie.The minister told the country's federal administration here on Thursday that the project is jointly run by Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, and it could be effective only with the cooperation of these nations.The program, first joined by Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, invited Thailand to be a part of the initiative as the three littoral nations were aware that they did not have sufficient hardware to police the strait.Admitting that pirates nowadays were using non-conventional and high technology weapons to loot the victims, Ahmad Zahid said this had made the fighting of pirate activities a tough challenge to all countries.However сапоги Christian Louboutin, Ahmad Zahid said the program would need to first obtain the green light from the four nations prior to the purchase of advanced military hardware and equipment.The Malacca Strait is one of the busiest and important sea routes in the world as about 40 percent of the world's trade passes through it.Besides merchant ships, small and medium-sized fishing boats are also frequently targeted by the pirates, threatening the security of the innocents' lives and properties ботуши UGGs online. Special Report: Global Financial Crisis
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