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Brad and Mary met due to divine providence, over twelve years ago. They played together in the popular San Francisco musical ensemble, WANNABE TEXANS. After many adventures and one album released in the U.K. (by members of the Mekons), the Wannabe Texans came to an end. Soon, there was a new group formed; VIRGINIA DARE. The band was named after a collection of short stories, which was named after a brand of wine and soda pop, which was named after the first European baby born in North America, who vanished with the Roanoke colony. During the recording of their first E.P., bassist Paula Fraser left the
group to concentrate on another project, TARNATION. Without flinching, recording studio magnate GREG FREEMAN took over on bass, thus establishing VIRGINIA DARE as we know and love them today. Over the years, there have been several others in the group, but the permanent members have stayed the same: Mary O'Neil writes the songs and sings them, with her own driving autoharp for accompaniment. She got straight "A"s in '98! Brad Johnson plays wiggly guitar. There's a screwdriver where the whammy bar would normally be. He played in American Music Club and lots of bands you never heard of. He likes to draw comics. He's married to Mary; they have a four year old boy named Kit. Greg Freeman was kicked out of THE CALL for his alleged affiliation with SATAN. Greg also plays in the instrumental band, PELL MELL. He is a professional recording engineer. He lives in Rodeo, Ca., with his wife Christine. The music has been called a blend of the Carter Family and the Young Marble Giants. Or was it the Velvet Underground? Whatever. The approach is somewhat minimalist, with country and punk influences.