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Rob Crow is a man of visions. Not the hallucinatory kind, mind you, but to fence his incredible talent into a singular vision is just plain inaccurate. By fusing the jazz-prog of the Residents, the dynamic time signature and tempo shifts of Slint, the pop acrobatics of Sparks and the stellar vocal harmonies of the Beach Boys, he single-handedly invented the music you could call post-pop over two albums in the mid-1990s (and a posthumous comp) with his band Heavy Vegetable, a feat almost no one saw fit to write about at the time and even fewer critics have discovered in retrospect.

He furthered this sound's progression with two more albums and an EP with his band Thingy, turned novelty-pop on its head with two albums by Optiganally Yours, barreled through hardcore with the Alpha Males and Fantasy Mission Force, genre-hopped from boy-band pop to death metal and back with three solo albums, put his stamp on modern arena rock with Team Sleep, and still has a few more projects up his sleeve (including a posthumous third Thingy album, a new Optiganally Yours album O.Y. in Hi-Fi, a collaboration with Zach Hill of Hella called the Ladies, the thundering Goblin Cock and other projects which have yet to be announced). Most publicly, he and his collaborators have earned a legion of followers with the innovative rhythms and alluring melodies of Pinback.

Some have surmised that Rob Crow has the equivalent of musical A.D.D., but it's more a case of seeing the world through song and brimming to the gills with inspiration and originality. He is clearly one of the most distinct and innovative musicians of the last 20 years.