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A few years back, shortly after San Diego musician Pea Hix (Tit Wrench, Lucas & His Friends) got his first Optigan, he immediately began thinking of how he could use it in a band/live context. His first idea was to simply get someone to sing and do cheesy cover songs at the local bars. The first taker was his friend Rob Crow, the singer/songwriter for such bands as Heavy Vegetable, Thingy, Pinback, etc. So they got together one night and started goofing around with some ideas, and Rob got quickly bored with the whole "cover song" concept. He thought it would be much more interesting to write new songs with the Optigan, and a few hours later (with the help of my four track) they had completed the first four Optiganally Yours songs: "You're In My Heart," "Mr. Wilson," "Dr. Smooth" and "Nighters." They played our first live show soon after that at a Christmas party at Pea's house. It was a short set- they only had four songs!!

Cargo/Headhunter released their debut, Spotlight On Optiganally Yours, in March of 1997 and recorded their follow-up Optiganally Yours Presents: Exclysively Talentmaker for Absolutely Kosher Records in 2000.

A number of other albums have long been in the works, but sporadically as Pea pursues his love of hiking and works with his avant opera company and Rob has his hands full with his many other bands.