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For generations, elders have looked down their nose with the smarmy sentiment "Youth is wasted on the young." Get Him Eat Him say "Fuck yeah, Grampy!" The children of the early 1990's, those that got wind of the decade before them and a deep, hard whiff of what was going on around them, looked back to choppy guitar pop, frantic keyboards, balls-out romance and DIY ambition. They became Get Him Eat Him.

Get Him Eat Him hails from Providence, Rhode Island, but its members are a cross-country lot who converged during their first year at Brown University, sharing a love for weird noises, oddball humor and a fierce appetite for music and sandwiches.

Singer/guitarist/electronic manipulator Matt LeMay (the band's elder at 21) wrote many of these songs while still in high school (and still the youngest staff writer at the then fledgling Pitchfork), but it wasn't until the band's current line-up of Jason Sigal (guitar, vocals), Raf Spielman (keyboards), Jeff Wood (drums), and Joe Posner (bass) came together that they became the monster heard on Geography Cones, the band's debut (recorded by Jay Pellicci (Deerhoof, Erase Errata) at San Francisco's Tiny Telephone Studios). Each song is an impressive combination of taut melodies, jerky rhythms, and a frighteningly keen turn of phrase, brought together by spastic sex, flailing hostility, nervous energy and, as Matt squawks on the stomper "Shirt Like A Couch," an endearing and furious "awkwardness" that has garnered the band the attentions of and invitations from the Arcade Fire, Xiu Xiu, the Wrens, the Constantines, Ted Leo and Broken Social Scene.