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2004 saw the European release of the In Love With The Dudley Corporation and in its a wake a mountain of unanimously favourable praise. Q magazine said that the Dublin three-piece have 'perfected the whole stop/start, quiet/loud thing' and that something truly special was around the corner. Alternative Ulster placed the album at Number 9 in its albums of the year while Irish magazine Hot Press lauded it as the 59th greatest Irish LP ever made! 2005 saw the U.S. release of the album followed by a tour with Pinback and a jaunt on their own through the States.

It's been some ride. A phenomenal live workrate has taken them to the UK, America, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. Their shows are notoriously frenzied, visceral and exciting affairs with one song careering into another or stopping on a sixpence, as they say in football parlance.

In brief, they play short rock songs with wit, verve, romance and booksmarts. In-between bouts of touring they've managed to release two acclaimed LPs, several 7" singles and been on a slew of compilations. The Lonely World Of The Dudley Corporation was recorded in June 2001 at The Delgados Chem19 Studios in Scotland with Andy Miller and was released in Ireland/UK on Scientific Laboratories and in the US by Flameshovel Records. In Love With The Dudley Corporation was made in the same studio in 2003, featuring appearances from members of The Delgados, Camera Obscura and The Tycho Brahe and yielded their first Irish Top 30 single, 'What A Human Does'.

The band is currently working on their third album.