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The Dead Science began its life as the Sweet Science in Seattle, WA when brothers Korum Bischoff (drums) and Jherek Bischoff (contabass, bass guitar) began collaborating with the young Sam Mickens (voice, guitar). Another band laid claim to the name just prior to the release of the Seattle trio's debut Submariner in 2003 and they were rechristened The Dead Science. Like experimental pop running mates Blonde Redhead, Deerhoof, and Xiu Xiu, The Dead Science infuse their songs with sometimes abrasive, sometimes unsettling doses of avant classical, free jazz, and other musical esoterica, while maintaining a heady pursuit of the perfect pop moment. Following the release of the 2004 Bird Bones in the Bughouse EP, Korum left the touring line-up of the band to become a family man and was replaced by the equally proficient Nick Tamburro. The Dead Science present art songs of harrowing passion and palpable intimacy that has earned them a growing enthusiastic fanbase.

Combining the hyper-active looseness of improvised music with the economical arrangements of classic pop, The Dead Science have achieved a new and strange model of the "power trio," which owes equal debts to Prince, Einsturzende Neubauten, and John Coltrane. Mickens and J. Bischoff occasionally play with the Degenerate Art Ensemble while the whole band has backed up Xiu Xiu and former Shudder To Think singer Craig Wedren. Jherek has also collaborated with Casiotone For The Painfully Alone.