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..the Wrens' van for sale
with a new LOWERED PRICE! That's right, we eliminate the middle guy and pass the savings on to you

EDIT: This is a reposting of all the van-for-sale stuff below, a bit edited to cover everything and now with a lowered price of $5200 (down from an optimistic market high of $7000).

As the touring cycle for the Meadowlands winds down (kidding, it’s Aug. 2011 and that ended like over 18 hours ago. Don’t be ridiculous).
Anyway, we are selling our tour-modile. It’s in vey good condition (trying to be used-car accurate here) and we’re really only selling because even as touring picks back up again w/ a next record, we’ll still probably be mostly weekends, flying to some of those etc. And to keep it insured – at either preposterous New Jersey or Brooklyn rates – and moving it from one side of the street to the other per the game of alt. side parking, is something of a drain right now.
Here's a stock photo of the type of van (not the actual van) in case you aren't familiar with the model. We can send or post real pictures after Wednesday, Aug. 10th:

And here are the details off the top of my head:
• It’s a White, 2002 Ford Econoline E-350, 15-passenger van. It’s that kind you see every third vehicle on the drive into town for South By Southwest.
• We’re asking [EDIT:} $5,200 to which is [LESS THAN] bluebook value and a little extra to offset the new windshield, tie rods, inspection etc.
• It has about 124,000 miles on it but in fairness, those were almost all pretty easy highway miles (a show in Atlanta, a show in Chicago, that sort of thing).
• It just passed inspection with flying colors

• It has a brand-new windshield
• Brand new front tie rods
• Pretty sure I have copies of all service records (mostly tune-ups)
• The CD player doesn't work and the radio has only two working preset buttons per ‘band’ (so FM1 has two, FM2 has two more, AM has two)

• Living in Brooklyn, someone had stolen the bumper. Weird, I know. The replacement bumper is now bent from someone parking into it and a bit rusty but otherwise fine

• It's in good shape and the body is in good shape, a trusty vehicle all-around

• Comes w/ all seats installed so can be configured anywhere between a 14-passenger van and a straight-up band/equipment van.

It's currently in Clinton Hill / Bed-Stuy Brooklyn (a couple blocks from the G train; 10 minute walk from C or J/M/Z). And if you have any interest, further questions or wanna come kick the tires, feel free to drop us a line via the " title=""> contact page, here.
And as always, thanks for your time and we hope everything's going great,
the wrens

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