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Typically last-minute for me, playing a solo show tomorrow, Friday, 6/19/15 - a benefit for PS 154 here in Brooklyn. It's at Union Hall in Brooklyn, and here's their listing for the show [here]...and tickets [here].
Other folks playing are Emmanuel May Pazavekmi, the Big Bright (who sounded amazing last year); White Collar Crime (ditto); good friends & re-united for one show only, Maplewood; and Palomar, my wife Rachel's band, who threw this whole thing together and pretty much strong-armed me into leaving the house to play it (disclosure: two of our three young'uns are 154 students, so this time, there's a bit of self-interest in this benefit). They also, in sum, rule.
I'll be trying to try a new song or two, maybe a tiny tribute to Ornette Coleman if I can pull it off, a cover-of-a-cover or two, and a few of the usual hide-behind-loops solo/wrens things.
And the stages will be hit:
7pm Emmanuel May Pazavekmi
7:45 The Big Bright
8:30 Palomar (Classic)
9:15 Charles Bissell from the Wrens
10:00 Maplewood
10:45 White Collar Crime
Thanks as always,
the wrens

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